Mark Walters, author of the “555 Results Book Series” here…

Mark Red Shirt 555It’s my great honor to be able to share with you the ideas that you’ll find inside each of the books in the series, and in my Free Weekly Online Events.

Please allow me to give you a little background on myself and the type of family influences I grew up with…

My Grandfather, Lloyd Walters, was a real estate investor. He invested in his first “fixer-upper” property back in 1937 in San Jose, California.

That was during the Great Depression and I can’t imagine the challenges he must have endured during that historic time of our country.

It says a lot about him and the values he passed down to my father and me.

Since that time, my family has always been passionate about real estate.

My father, Lloyd Walters, was written up in a national publication in 1985 for some revolutionary marketing ideas he shared dealing with discounted mortgages.

The demand was so great to learn more of our techniques that we wrote the first book in the country on marketing for discounted mortgages titled, “How To Find All The Discounted Mortgages You Could Ever Hope To Buy”.

After that books’ release we were inundated with people asking what else we were doing. We then wrote another real estate investing book, which had people requesting more ideas and the big snow ball has never stopped rolling.

In the late 1980′s we stumbled on to Judgment Investing. That was a revelation to us and one that continues to excite those that we share it with. After putting together a progressive judgment investing plan for our own business, we shared the strategies we uncovered in our training titled, “The Complete Guide To Judgment Investing”.

I still enjoy sharing real estate investing ideas with good people like yourself on my websites and

I love helping people as so many have helped me over the years. That’s my goal with the “555 Results Series”.

Please feel free to visit the “555 Results Facebook Page” and share your thoughts along with suggestions for topics you’d like to see me cover in future books.

Remember, whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, I know YOU can do it…

I believe in you!





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