The 555 Story

The Story Behind The “555 Results” Story…

Hey Mark Walters here and I’m thrilled to be able to share this very private, very personal story in hopes that it will bring joy and affirmation into your life on a regular basis when you need it the most.

Mark Red Shirt 555Ever since I was a little boy I’ve had a connection with the number 5. It might have been the fact that when I was 5 I had a realization that I was very happy. Life was good and I was old enough to know it.

As the years progressed and I would see the number 5 or 55 as I was going through my daily routine, it just made me feel good inside.

When I was 9 there was a kid from around the corner selling really nice brown  wallets for men. They were about 3 inches by 7 inches. Looking back I have no idea how he got these, but I knew I had to have one. On the inside of my brand new wallet I wrote, “Spy 555”.

As the years passed, whenever I saw the number 5, 55, or 555, a phrase would go off in my head saying, “Everything’s going to be alright”.

After that, when I would look to see the time of day and it was 5:55, I felt good because I knew “Everything was going to be alright”.

This became more meaningful as I’d be worrying about something and then see 55 or 555 on a license plate, or time left in a ball game, or on a clock, or anywhere else you might notice a number. It was as if something bigger than myself was telling me not to worry. It was going to be ok.

I’ve always interpreted it as something very positive. It’s given me comfort as I don’t “time it” so I see these numbers. They just appear at very remarkable moments that leave me feeling better about a situation I’m in once I see them.

Until now I’ve only shared this with a couple of people, one being my girlfriend, which leads us to an amazing event that has to do with the numbers “555”.

“Many Lives Would Be Changed Because of a 555 dream”

I was on a quick phone call with my girlfriend one day and in passing she said she had a dream the night before that had to do with my business. Being an author of how-to books, I was curious what she was talking about.

There was no time to chat about it on the quick call so that moment came and went. We both have busy lives and several days passed before the topic came back up one evening while having dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant.

She said, “I have to tell you about the dream I had the other night”. I had forgotten all about it and excitedly sprang to attention to hear what kind of dream she had and how it involved my business!

I had no idea how special this dream was or that it would be potentially life altering for so many people all around the world.

She said, “I had a dream that had to do with the number 555”.

She then said, “In this dream was a book cover and at the top it had 5 5 5.

Under the first 5 was the word, “Why’s”.

Under the second 5 was the phrase, “How-To’s”.

Under the third 5 was the word, “Results”.”

She went on to say this was a “How-To” book that would be short, concise, and deal with the EXACT steps to help people achieve their goals.

She said the book wasn’t long, less than 20 pages. This was intentional and she was very adamant about that. If it was longer, people might intend to read it but never get around to it because they’re too busy.

This book was meant to be read in a short amount of time, absorbed, and put into action so it could bring good results into people’s lives!

Instantly I could picture this book cover…and the overall intent of her dream.

I had been looking for a new project for some time and had an inner feeling that something would come to my attention eventually.

This “555 Results Dream” was the message I had been hoping for!

I got very excited about this and quickly envisioned different topics that could be shared in this new and simple way.

Sometimes in life when we’re given a gift, even if it comes in a dream, it’s our responsibility to share it with the world.

“Allow Me To Share This Gift With YOU”

You and I have probably both heard how we should write down our goals if we want to have a chance of reaching them right?

It’s said that people who have goals written out have a much higher percentage of achieving them. Even though we know this, we often don’t take the time to write down the goals we have. It’s nobody’s fault. These days with the busy lives we all have, it’s kind of a goal just to someday write down our goals!

“Imagine Having Goals Written Out in Every Area of Your Life That’s Important To You AND a Roadmap For How To Achieve Them!”

The most wonderful thing about the “555 Results Series” is it’s filled with “Simple Little Life Guides” designed to quickly align your personal goals with actionable steps… potentially resulting in your dreams coming true!

As this series grows, you’ll be able to download more books that appeal to your personal goals. Hopefully this can help you come closer to reaching more of your dreams in many different areas of your life.

We’re here for you and invite you to leave posts on our Facebook page with suggestions of topics you would like to see us cover. You’ll find our page here…

Enjoy and please tell a friend about how to get the books for free so together we can help many people.


P.S. Remember, when you see the number 5, 55, or 555…
“Everything’s going to be alright!”




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