3 Stealth Ways to Get Things Done that You’re Putting Off

Posted on 26. Sep, 2013 by in Winning The Game Of Life

We all have a “To-Do” list full of things that we want to eventually get done. Some of those things have a very low rate of importance.

However, there are things on our “Very Important To-Do” list that often don’t get done and that’s not good for our progress as a productive and forward moving, accomplishment driven person.

1. Let’s focus on a new way to begin looking at the item at the top of that list so we can start to do it and get it done. That way we begin to build momentum so we can move on to the next most important item until we’ve ultimately cleaned the slate of all the items.

Then we can start adding to the list once again so that we’re always achieving the things that mean the most to us.

We alI experience procrastination. No one is immune. The difference is how we look at it and overcome it.

Let’s say you have a business project you want to get done. Before you begin this might seem like quite a large undertaking. That can lead to a feeling of overwhelm that ultimately keeps you from starting this important project. That’s not good.

Here’s a different way of looking at it. Consider trading what you’re doing now for the joy, pride, and sense of accomplishment this finished project can provide you with.

When you look at it this way, all you have to do is realize how you perceive the value of your activities.

For example, what is your perceived value of lying on the couch and watching television? Yes, there’s a certain relaxation value that you’re getting.

Now consider the value you’ll get when you dig in and tackle your business project. That might provide you with extra money, job advancement, recognition, a bonus, self-respect, confidence, momentum, public recognition, etc.

Let’s compare the 2 values after determining each. Lying around on the couch doesn’t seem quite as valuable anymore does it?

When you break down the “values” of what it is you’re doing as you procrastinate, compared to the end result of what you should be doing, you’ll quickly have a compelling reason “why” you must get started taking action.

2. The second way to get things done is to recognize the difference between the signals you receive between your body and your brain.

Your brain might be telling you to “do it later”, “it can wait until tomorrow”, or “to get started will be hard and not very fun”.

This will result in you continuing to make excuses to yourself and others why you’re not doing what you know deep inside you should be.

Now let’s consider the signals your body sends. This is so simple that once you start you’ll be amazed at the momentum you can quickly build.

Even though your brain is giving you reasons not to start doing something on your to-do list, don’t listen and just get your body moving and begin.

You’ll notice your momentum shift as you see yourself doing what it is you’ve been putting off. You’ll get a sense of pride as you realize you’re doing the right thing. Your brain will kick into gear as it begins to process what is happening.

The updated signals you’re now receiving from your brain are ways to best ACCOMPLISH what you’re doing. Now that’s a far cry from your brain sending you signals of why you shouldn’t do what you must.

Just get your body moving doing your activity and your brain will follow. What a simple formula.

3. Enjoy something else while you’re pecking away at your to-do list.

This may not work on all activities, but it sure is great to implement with ones it does.

For example let’s say you have to mow the lawn, clean the garage, and wash the car. None of these are rocket science and can be done without a lot of brain power right?

So how about putting on your favorite music and listening through a stereo or your iPod with ear phones.

Instead of concentrating on the activity you’re trying to avoid, concentrate on your favorite songs. Sing along, move your body to the beat…actually ENJOY the moment.

Have one of your favorite beverages waiting for you whenever you get thirsty, along with a favorite treat.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you have to make a few phone calls that you’ve been putting off.

Make these calls from a place you really enjoy being in. It could be outside in your backyard in the swing with a glass of iced tea. Or possibly in your favorite chair with the lights dimmed, calming music playing, a hint of vanilla air freshener in the room, and your favorite beverage by your side.

Or maybe you have chores around the house you need to get to. How about calling up an old friend and talk to them while you do it. Your brain will be focusing on the call as you’re folding clothes, dusting, sweeping, washing dishes, etc.

By the time the call is over a lot if not all of your chores for the day may be done. It will feel like a time-warp as you look back at all you accomplished as you were focusing on your conversation. Wait to control the moment!

Okay now take a look at your to-do list and see which of these stealth ways best fits to help you tackle it.

As a bonus stealth idea, tell someone exactly what you’re going to do first and when. Then tell them you’ll give them an update once it’s done.

Now you’re being held accountable which will give you even more momentum.

Do you feel how unstoppable you’ve become? You can now do anything you put your mind…or body to.

I hope this helps!







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